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Disenfranchised Nigerians by Prof Jim Unah

National Mirror of 13th Feb 2011

The registration of voters exercise has come to an end with many eligible candidates unregistered. This means that many Nigerians have been disenfranchised through no fault of their own. Thus, the first phase of rigging in the forthcoming April polls has been concluded with the untidiness that characterized the registration of candidates.

The other disturbing angle to the matter is that the candidates of the various political parties being presented to INEC are a mix of those who were victorious at the primaries and those who did not scale through the hurdle. To complicate matters, it is now being openly alleged by informed persons that a doctored version of the revised Electoral Act is being used by politicians to compel INEC to accept any candidate presented by the parties whether or not they were successful at the primaries. The political parties had earlier programmed the confusion by conducting factionalized primaries, resulting in some parties submitting conflicting lists of candidates to INEC.

People, politicians, in this part of the world, do not listen to thinkers. Even in other climes, Read the rest of this entry »


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