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Game Changer: What the people expect

As the year 2014 comes to an end and the February 2015 general elections is fast approaching, it might be of interest to catalogue the expectations of Nigerians from politicians who seek the electoral mandate of the people to mount the saddle; as a follow-up to last week’s piece on a similar title, which concluded on the note that food on the table for the average family with all that it entails would be the ultimate game changer.
Already, many legislators, at federal and state levels, have been sacked at the party primaries, indicating that the expectations of the people had not been met by the state actors in the last four years; even though the failure to clinch the party tickets had been largely attributed to the undue interferences and manipulations by party leadership and godfathers. It remains to be seen in February whether the anger and frustrations of the people would not be more aggressively visited on vote soliciting politicians of the last dispensation as punishment for their mediocre performance.
What the average Nigerians genuinely expect Read the rest of this entry »

Game Changer in 2015 Elections

After the party primaries that climaxed in controversies between emerging flag bearers and their competitors, resulting in a number of multiple and parallel candidates for the same positions, Nigerians expect to see a robust political competition for the various offices, in the next couple of months, between now and February 2015, between the ruling party and the opposition. The centre is controlled by the Peoples’ Democratic Party—PDP, while the opposition is controlled by the All Progressives Congress—APC. In some states, such as Lagos, the ruling party is the APC, while the opposition party is the PDP. Both at the centre and in the states, Nigerians expect a change.

This change, however, is not expected in the realm of ideology or orientation, for the parties neither have any discernible ideology nor any real difference in orientation. Both parties parade sponsors and chieftains that are steeped in cold blooded corruption, though it might be said that the PDP is less tactful in concealing its corrupt elements. However, after the Ekiti and Osun awful outing, the PDP has learnt to bar its brutal colonels from clinching the party flag, as ably Read the rest of this entry »

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