April 2021
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From Goodluck to Good Work

The mistake President Goodluck Jonathan will make is to allow himself to be goaded into thinking that he needs more than four years to transform Nigeria into a land of opportunity and prosperity. He does not need that. What he needs is to get down, working and pursuing each item on his programme with vigour, vitality, commitment and tenacity of purpose. He should delegate the job of politicking to the likes of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and concentrate on the day to day delivery of public good, public safety and public wellbeing.
The easiest way to walk into the land mines of the cabals is for Mr. President to give the slightest hint that he could be interested in a second term. If he gives that hint, he would not be able to achieve anything, because he would be blackmailed out his programme, and nothing would work. If he wants to implement the road map to the power sector, for instance, he would be told that he won’t get a second term if he did; if he wants to tackle the problem of the bad federal roads, he would be told to shelve the idea if he wanted a second term; if he wants to deal with desperate and corrupt politicians, he would be reminded that that he would need them to return to power in 2015. There would be no end to how the cabals will frustrate his genuine intentions and efforts, if he eats their carrot.
President Goodluck Jonathan does not need the cabals to work for him to get a second term. All he needs is to get cracking and work as if there is no tomorrow, and tell anybody who wants to distract him that he does not want a second term. It is his ability to get the ailing power sector right; his success in rehabilitating the dilapidated road infrastructure; his capacity to cage the desperate politician and reduce official corruption to the barest minimum, and success in restoring public order and safety, that would make even the devil to plead with him to accept a second term. President Goodluck Jonathan should put his trust in his work and God, not in men, not in the cabals.
The Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (BRF), is a shining example in this respect. On assumption of office four years ago he made it clear that he was not keen on a second term. His target was to turn Lagos into a mega city to the admiration of all and the happiness of Lagosians. He left politicking to his mentor Senator Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Four years later, he not only delivered on his promises, his accomplishments became a reference point for all Nigerians, a campaign leaflet for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), and it left no one in doubt that a second term was inevitable for the performer.
Almighty God has been kind to President Jonathan. His good luck should radiate on all Nigerians. The way to make it happen is for him to go ahead and deliver on his electoral promises to transform the power sector, road infrastructure, education, job creation and ensure security to life and property. To be able to deliver effectively on these, the President needs to deal with corrupt contractors and politicians, so that no one can sabotage his efforts with imputy. He should shun relatives and friends who bandy about the notion that the President should start planning for a second term, because he does need that to affect the lives of Nigerians positively.
Talking about time frame, there is none in recorded history sufficient to address all of a nation’s problems. The United States of America is still grappling with myriads of problems at a different level of development. President Barak Obama cannot claim that he would resolve all of America’s problems in two terms of eight years. What is crucial is that an incumbent president should make a significant impact in his first term in office as if the opportunity of a second term might not come. That way, he would be able to deliver efficiently and effectively.
But if he keeps lamenting about the insufficiency of the time at his disposal, just on assumption of office for a four year term, he would be making himself unduly vulnerable for manipulation by his detractors, and that would militate against the fulfillment of his electoral promises, and ultimately against the possibility of his future re-election. Let President Jonathan turn his good luck to good work for Nigerians, and think less of a second term.

  • http://www.facebook.com/abanonu.patrick Abanonu Kachi Patrick

    great advise to the president.sir, i would love to read your position on the present fuel subsidy removal policy.

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